FitBall Exercise Ball Holder
FitBall Exercise Ball Stand

FitBall Exercise Ball Stand for keeping your ball from rolling aroune!
FitBall® Exercise Ball Holder
fitness accessories and home exercise fitness equipment to go with your FitBall Exercise Ball Stand.
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                  FitBall® Exercise Ball Holder

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FitBall Exercise Ball Holder
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One size fits all! The Unique design of the FitBall® Exercise Ball holder  holds 45-75cm exercise balls in place. No more rolling around! Many people use the FitBALL exercise ball at a desk instead of a chair. Active Sitting promotes core muscle use which can strengthen the back, help prevent fatigue and improve posture. But there’s nothing more annoying than having your ball roll away when you stand up. Now you can stop chasing your ball around the office—with the NEW FitBALL Holder. This inflatable ring holds one 65cm-75cm FitBALL® exercise ball and keeps the ball from rolling away when not in use. The FitBALL Holder is part of the newly expanded FitBALL® brand line of professional-quality fitness and therapeutic products.

To learn how to inflate your exercise ball see our article How to Inflate Your Exercise Ball.
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