FitBall Pressure Points Package
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This innovative self-administered acupressure program is perfect for warming up muscles prior to working out or relaxing aches and tension. Package includes two 2 inch Pressure Points balls, a 30-minute easy-to-follow DVD and a full color reference poster with 20 major acupressure points. In easy to understand, step-by-step instructions, the DVD provides you with the information you will need to know in order to find and activate 20 of the most powerful points known to acupressure.

With easy to understand instructions from the DVD and the visual aid of the Pressure Points poster you will be shown how to position the FitBALL Pressure Points balls so that your body weight, leaning into the balls, supplies the pressure necessary to activate the acupressure points. The acu-points were chosen based on 14 years of clinical experience of acupuncturist specialist and program creator Marc Coseo. Coseo provides commentary in the DVD on conditions such as back pain, shoulder tension, tendonitis, arthritis symptoms, leg cramps, etc.

FitBall Pressure Points Package helps you feel better.
FitBall Pressure Points Package
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