The FitBall Seating Disc helps develop Core Muscle groups while improving posture and balance.
The FitBall Seating Disc helps develop Core Muscle groups while improving posture and balance.
FitBall Seating Disc
fitness accessories and home exercise fitness equipment to go with your FitBALL® Seating Disc.
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The FitBall Seating Disc  is a safe and versatile.  A great substitute for sitting on an exercise ball.  Convenient!  This 15" air-filled disc has a unique dome-shaped top that mimics the FitBALL exercise ball. One of the most versatile fitness and rehabilitation tools available, the FitBALLŪ Seating Disc can be used as a standard balance disc or as an active sitting seat cushion. Iridescent blue color.

Features of the Balance Trainer:
· Versitile & easy to use
· Lightweight
· mimics the exercise ball
· Useful for training to strengthen muscles, ligaments & joints.
· Develops dynamic balance, stabilization & proprioception.
· Provides moderate instability without fear of injury.
· Made of soft pliable PVC.
· Disk is 15" in diameter and ~ 3" in height.
· Can be re-inflated using a standard pump and pump adapter.
· Can be wiped down after use
· Add the Ball Pump to add air and adjust your seating discitBall Seating Disc
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Buy your FitBALL® Seating Disc NOW!
Fitball Seating Disc

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