The FitBALL®  Seating Disc Junior is comfortable, portable and great for schooll and home.
The FitBALL® Sitting Disc  Junior is comfortable, portable and great for school and home.
FitBALL® Seating Disc JR
fitness accessories and home exercise fitness equipment to go with your FitBALL® Sitting Disc  JR.
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The FitBall Sitting Disc Junior is an air-filled disc with a unique dome-shaped top that mimics the FitBALLŪ exercise ball. One of the most versatile fitness and rehabilitation tools available, the FitBALLŪ Seating Disc JR can be used as a standard balance disc or as an active sitting cushion. It is especially helpful for the fidgety children. It can help nourish the spine  Active sitting can be used to improve focus and alertness by enhancing sensory awareness and simulating the vestibular sense. The Junior Seating Disc size is 12".  Color is green.  It is packaged in ploy-bag.
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Buy your FitBALL® Seating Disc Junior NOW!

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FitBall Sitting Disc JR
FitBALLŪ Seating Disc Junior
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