FitBALL® Wobble  Board
fitness accessories and home exercise fitness equipment to go with your FitBALL® Wobble  Board.
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BNB-FWB16   -   16"  FitBALL® Wobble  Board     $49.95

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Buy your FitBALL® Wobble  Board  NOW!
FitBALL® Wobble  Board
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Fitball Deluxe Balance Board
BNB-FWB20   -   20 FitBALL® Wobble  Board     $59.95
FitBALL® SoftMeds Set or sold individually
The FitBALL® Wobble Board is easy to use and transport. The FitBALL® Wobble Board has fine wood construction with anti-slip surface on top. Comes in 2 sizes 16" and 20" Easy-to-moderate balance challenge.

16" wobble board
20” wobble board
FitBALL® Wobble  Board
FitBALL® Wobble Board
Balls'N'Bands is your one stop shopping place for all you need to get fit using exercise balls and exercise bands.

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