Free fitness information using exercise balls and exercise bands.
The Exercise Ball is now the most popular and accessable piece of fitness equipment available anywhere!

Did you know that
using an exercise ball as a chair is popular in Europe? The exercise ball is versitile, durable, safe, comfortable, and affordable. They work great for flexibility training. They are appropriate for many different fitness levels. It's one piece of fitness equipment that won't sit idle. You'll use it!

Using an exercise ball is a fun and easy way to get fit, lose unwanted inches, shape special parts of your body, relieve back pain, straighten your posture, improve your kid's fitness, strengthen your body, play with the kids, & just have fun. They are effective for resistance, fitness and flexibility training. They're really great for improving your posture. Whatever you do on an exercise ball even sitting and using an exercise ball as a chair works a muscle somewhere. It is especially good for tightening your abs. Because you're sitting on a cushion it's fun!

Getting an exercise ball requires several decisions. What kind of ball do I get? What size ball should I choose? Does softness matter? How do I inflate the ball? etc....

In the articles below we offer you information that will help answer some of these questions and help you with your exercise ball. We have even included an article about the benefits of using an exercise ball as a chair. Take advantage of them to make better use of your ball.

We have also included guides to help you pick the correct strength exercise band for you and an article on what exercise bands are for.
It will give you an good overview of the importance and use of exercise bands. You will learn how they can work together with your exercise ball for flexibility training.

Just click on the article you want to read & enjoy your reading. They're free!
Free Fitness infromation using Exercise Balls and Exericise Bands
Fitness Information
Using Your Exercise Ball as a Chair

How to Select the Correct Exercise Ball Size

How to Inflate Your Exercise Ball

How to Sit on Your Exercise Ball

Exercise Ball Exercises

What Are Exercise Bands For?

Balls 'N' Bands ExerciseTips

Ball Exercising

Exercise Band Information

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