FitStrap® Tubing Door Attachment
fitness accessories and home exercise fitness equipment to go with your FitStrap® Tubing Door Attachment .
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FitStrap® Tubing Door Attachment  for use with your exercise bands and tubing.
FitStrap® Door Attachment
The FITSTRAP is a multifunctional fitness & therapy accesory product that's used by men & women to tighten, tone, stretch, and strengthen virtually any muscle.  It's a simple door/wall strap that has 15 loops which are used for stretching or for attaching resistance bands. You can use the FITSTRAP to compliment your current workout routine.

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Buy your FitStrap® Tubing Door Attachment  NOW!
Buy your FitStrap® Tubing Door Attachment  NOW!

                  FitStrap® Tubing Door Attachment

BNB-FSD   -  FitStrap® Tubing Door Attachment     $21.95

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