Tapas Harness Yoga Mat Carrying Strap
Tapas Harness Yoga Mat Carrying Strap
Yoga Mat Carrying Strap
fitness accessories and home exercise fitness equipment to go with your Yoga Mat Carrying Strap .
Yogis everywhere love the Tapas Harness Yoga Mat Carrying Strap  by Hugger Mugger because it means they can easily bring their yoga mats, towels and blankets with them wherever they travel: yoga conferences, retreats, classes or to the backyard lawn. Less cumbersome and greener than a gym bag or tote (minimal materials used in manufacturing), the handy multicolored nylon webbing’s adjustable side-release buckles make it super simple to attach around yoga supplies and head out the door. Made for carrying individual mats, just slip the Yoga Mat Carrying Strap over the shoulder and it stays at your side or behind you, so you can even transport it while riding a bicycle.

Also will work for a foam roller.

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Buy your Yoga Mat Carrying Strap  NOW!
Buy your Yoga Mat Carrying Strap  NOW!

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Yoga Mat Carrying Strap
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