Starting an exercise program presents many questions...For a good exercise program what kind & size exercise ball do I need? Which strength fitness band is best for me? There are many others. We have listed below several questions our customers have concerns about. Brouse through them. They may be just the question you wanted to ask us about Balls 'N' Bands.

1) What is your shipping cost?
Shipping is determined at check out time and depends on your choice of shipping methods and the location where the package is to shipped and weight of item.  Actual prices from UPS or USPS will apply.  Check our Shipping Policies.

2) How do I know what size ball to choose for myself?
See our instructions in our article
Selecting the Correct Exercise_Ball Size.

3) There are so many types of exercise balls. What one should I choose?
It does get confusing. You need to find one that meets your needs and size. Our
Exercise Ball Comparison Guide can help you. Most balls come without a pump but you can add one to your order..  You may also want to choose one that comes in a package with a pump and video like the FitBALL Exercise Ball Package or the Pilates Core Sculpting System. Note that some balls are not made with burst-resistant technology if that is important to you.

4) How do I fill my exercise ball up?
The best way to fill your ball is with a specially make
ball pump.  Most balls come with instructions. We have provided special instructions on our web site for you to use. See How to Inflate Your Exercise Ball. All balls come with a plug but not with adaptors.

5) Is an exercise ball safe?
Absolutely! As long as it is used in the proper manner. Build your exercise program up slowly and be sure to follow the instructions given by your instructor, video or book.  Check our books, charts, videos & DVDs for the best complete instructions on ball usage & exercises.

6) How can I prevent the ball from getting holes or bursting?
The exercise ball should not burst with normal inflation or use. In fact, the balls are inflated 10% more that their designated size prior to use. If you are unable to fill to the correct level, the ball can still be used if it is "firm" and doesn't "bottom out" with the weight of someone sitting on it. Inspect your ball for holes if it begins to lose air. Replace your ball if any holes are found. Do not exceed weight limitations noted (1000 lbs. for most balls). One of the most common mistakes using the exercise ball is using it outdoors on rough surfaces. The surface on which the ball is used should always be free of small objects that could potentially puncture the ball's surface. The ball should not be exposed to high temperatures, particularly high floor temperatures, over 77º F/25º C. Protect the ball from sources of heat such as heating ventilators, lamps, and direct sunlight. Since the diameter of the ball can vary due to temperature fluctuations, the maximum diameter of the ball should be checked before every us.

7) How do I add or remove air from the ball?
The small "fork" in the ball accessory package (if your ball came with one) is used to remove the stopper and release air.   Allow the ball to deflate naturally. Warning: Never use a sharp object to remove the plug as you might puncture the ball or injure yourself. If you want to re-inflate the ball, follow the instructions above.

8) How do I clean the exercise ball?
Use mild soap and warm water. Do not use anything abrasive or any chemical cleaners .

9) Can the exercise ball be used in the water?
Yes, but it should not be used as a life saving device .

10) Can I sit on my exercise ball?
Yes, you sure can! See our special article on
Using Your Exercise Ball as a Chair.

11) What if my exercise ball has a hole in it?
All our balls are guaranteed. If your ball is damaged when you receive it you can return it. They are puncture resistant. You can damage it under extreme conditions such as a puncture or  it is in a fire. That we unfortunately can’t replace

12) My exercise ball is softer than it used to be. What do I do?
Just pump it back up. After a time period ALL exercise balls lose a little bit of air and need to be refreshed. Just use your pump to fill it back to where it should be.

13) How quickly can I expect my Balls 'N' Band product?
We usually ship every in-stock item USPS Priority Mail or UPS Ground within 24 - 48 hours barring any complications. You can expect it within 5-15 days after placing your order depending upon your location.

14) What are exercise bands for?
Resistance is their main purpose. They work certain parts of the body according to where they are placed and how they are used. They will help you lose inches in certain areas of your body. They are especially great for strengthening & toning legs and arms. They’ll even work your abdominal muscles.   For more information see our article What are Exercise Bands For?.

15) Can I return my exercise ball or band?
Yes, under the following conditions:
Return Policy: Returns will be accepted up to 30 days from date of customer receipt. Shipping charges are nonrefundable. A 10% restocking fee will apply unless wrong or defective item is received. NO RETURN on personalized items or custom printed bands!  Product(s) must be in new and re-saleable condition with original packaging. Videos tapes, consumables, CD ROMs and computer software must be unopened or we will not accept them for return.

16) How do I return an item?
** Customer Satisfaction Guarantee**
Return Instructions:
Please follow these easy steps:
1) Contact us by calling 864-346-0945 from 9 am to 5pm, Monday through Friday or email at, and explain to us the reason for the return. If the item is damaged or defective, we will send you a prepaid return label.
2) Carefully re-package your box in its original packaging to prevent shipping damages.
3) Ship your package back to the address given you by Linda.. .

See all of our shipping policies by clicking here:  SHIPPING / POLICIES.

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