The Fun Massager will give you a deep gentle massage where you need it.
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BNB-FPM   -  Fun Palmassager Massager     $9.95
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The Fun Massager will give you a deep gentle massage where you need it.
Fun Palmassager Massager

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The Palmassager
The Fun Massager called the Palmassager is a simple easy to use tool to give you a gentle massage where you need it.  Our palm massager offers a deeply penetrating as well as a superficial massage of neck, back and shoulders. Hold firmly in the palm of the hand and use 1, 2 or 3 of its smooth, round knobs to massage tense, tired or sore muscles of the neck, back, shoulders, arms or legs. Ergonomically placed finger holds at each leg base for optimum comfort and control.  The massage should be carried out in circular movements. Especially in the kidney region the pressure should not be too strong. Massage along side the vertebral body, never directly on the spinal column.  You can use the fun massager by yourself or let a friend help you with your massage, then return the favor.  You'll love the Fun Massager!  Color may vary.

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