Gizmo Plus Massager for a deep massage.
 Gizmo Plus Massage
Gizmo Plus Massage
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The GIZMO PLUS Massager is Designmed for massaging larger muscle groups such as the biceps, triceps, quads, hamstrings, and calf muscles. Simply roll the GIZMO PLUS back and forth over the chosen muscle group at a slow, steady rate as you search for tight and tender areas of the muscle. When you locate an area of tenderness, you can direct your massage efforts on that muscle group. Alternating the rolling motion in 10 - 20 seconds intervals allows you to relax the muscle group and gradually build up tolerance.Experiment with different hand grips as you learn to use the Gizmo Plus. Adjust the amount of pressure applied by varying your hand grip.  Gizmo Plus has  Acu-Points on each end at each end for target pin-point massage.   Use the Acu-Points on each end to dig into tender trigger points.    The GIZMO PLUS gets easier to use with a little practice. 

This self massage device  gives relief to sore muscles by targeting trigger points as you perform self-massage on tight, sore muscles Consult with your medical practitioner for treatment of any medical condition before initiating any therapeutic massage or exercise program. The GIZMO Plus Massager is manufactured by the Thera Cane Co.

Features of the Gizmo Plus Massager : 
Ten ribbed wheel reaches deep trigger points on large muscles
Portable and small (4" long with 1.5" wheel) can be carried anywhere
Dual Acu-points at each end of the tool used to probe deep into TPs
Ergonomic design offers multiple ways to hold it roll it and use it
Made in America
fitness accessories and home exercise fitness equipment to go with your .
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