Gymnic Gyffy the Giraffe Exercise Ball will help strengthen and coordinate young muscles.
fitness accessories and home exercise fitness equipment to go with your Gymnic Gyffy the Giraffe.
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Buy your Gymnic Gyffy the Giraffe Exercise Ball NOW!
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Gymnic Gyffy the Giraffe Hop Ball Toy
Gymnic® Gyffy the Giraffe Hop Ball Toy
BNB-RBS  - Rocking Base   $$40
BNB-GGGB  - Giffy  the Giraffe Hop Ball   $51.95
Gyffy the Giraffe Hop Ball
Rocking Base
Gyffy the Giraffe Hop Ball Ride-On Toy  is a giraffe with bounce!  Gyffy is just like the Rody Pony. Made of super strong latex free vinyl, inflatable to adjust for the weight of child. Gyffy a fun toy for ages 2-4. Gyffy the Giraffe Exercise Ball Ride-On grows with the child? All you need to do is just add more air. This special Giraffe exercise ball toy will help strengthen little muscles doing an activity your child considers play.Gyffy the Giraffe is an exercise ball toy that builds coordination and balance while improving posture.

You can add the white rocker support base to make Gyffy the Giraffe a rocker toy.  Gyffy attaches easily to the base turning the jumping and bouncing Gyffy into a Rocking Gyffy the Giraffe Rocking Toy. The rocking base is detachable for hopping and bouncing and for even more fun and play.

Children learn balancing and coordination while rocking or hopping on their Rody. Often used in therapy for handicapped children due to their softness and ride-qualities. Gyffy is made of super strong, latex-free soft vinyl.  Made by Gymnic in Italy. Maximum saddle circumference: 68 cm 27". Maximum weight 440.

Add the white Rocking Base to make your Gyffy the Giraffe Hop Ball int an exciting rocking toy
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