Kid's Gymnic Hopping Balla get out the "jitters" while strengthening little muscles.
The Kid's Hop Ball by FitBall will  help your child get fit.
Gymnic® Kid's Hop Ball
fitness accessories and home exercise fitness equipment to go with your Kid's Gymnic Hopping Ball.
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The Gymnic® Kid's Hopping Ball has a sturdy handle and a lot of bounce. Kid's Hopping Ball are both toys and exercise equipment for children!  Using a hopping ball helps your child establish coordination and balance while improving your child's muscular strength. Promotes children's body coordination, balance, lymph circulation and provides a fun workout while hopping on the ball. Made of super strong, yet soft vinyl latex-free material for long lasting use and durability. Special patented handgrip safety handle. Great exercise product for indoors. The Gymnic® hopping ball can provide hours of fun indoor activity. Not recommended for outside use. Pump sold separately.

CAUTION: Contains small parts. Choking hazard. Not intended for children under 3 years of age.
Comes in 3 sizes & 4 colors to choose from:
45cm Yellow  or Fantacy recommended for Ages 4-6   (heighth 17" - for person 55" - 60" tall)
55cm Red or Metallic Blue recommended for Ages 7-9        (heighth 21"  - for person 61" ~ 66" tall)
66cm Blue OR Tuequoise recommended for Ages 10-12   (heighth 25"  - for person  67" ~ 71" tall)
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Gymnic® Kid's Hop Balls

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