Gymnic Plus Fitness Balls are flexible and rebbed for maximum grip.
Gymnic Plus Fitness Balls help improve balance, coordination, flexibility and strength.
fitness accessories and home exercise fitness equipment to go with your Gymnic Plus Fitness Balls.
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Buy your Gymnic® Plus Fitness Balls NOW!

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Gymnic Plus Fitness Balls
Gymnic Plus Exercise Ball
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Gymnic Plus Fitness Ballss help you get fit.
Gymnic® Plus Fitness Balls
Sit'n'Gym Fitness Ball with Feet
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The Gymnic Classic Plus exercise ball is the number one exercise ball in the world.  From the manufacturer of the original Gymnic Therapy Ball, the Plus line of balls is made of a unique material that resists tearing.  If punctured, Gymnic® Plus Fitness Balls is perfectly round and offers dynamic elasticity.  It's never rigid, always flexible ad is ribbed for maximum grip.  All ability levels can use this burst resistant ball to improve balance, cooridination, flexibility and strength.  The Gymnic® Plus Fitness Ball is color-coded by size.  Colors include:  Yellow, Red and Blue. Weight tested to 600 lbs. Made in Italy.

Using the Gymnic Classic Plus improves flexibility, balance and coordination.  Can be used for sitting.  Good ball for sitting at your desk at work or home.Excellent for people of all ages and is truly a great therapy and fitness ball. Do not use weights while exercising on the ball. Ages 8 years and up.
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