Gymnic Soft Gym OverBall exercise ball good for Pilates!
Gymnic OverBall Exercise Balls are great for Pilates.
Gymnic® Softgym OverBall
fitness accessories and home exercise fitness equipment to go with your Gymnic Soft Gym OverBall exercise ball.
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The Gymnic Soft Gym OverBall exercise ball is a very versatile 25 cm. ball which is soft on impact. It is made of soft PVC foam that is easy to grip and provides resistance for a variety of isometric exercises.These softgym balls can be thrown at full strength. Suitable for Pilates work, children and the elderly. If not fully inflated they can also be used as a lumbar support, dynamic seating or unstable platform.

This Soft Gym rBall adds concentration and energy to your workouts.  OverBalls are strong  and easy to grasp.  Inflates to 9".  Gymnic® OverBall exercise balls is terrific for Pilates and can also be used for rolling massage and as a soft prop underneath various parts of the body.  These fine exercise balls are ideal for isometric exercises, leg work, a great aid for performing proper abdominals, and so much more.
Soft and strong
Easy to grasp
Great for Pilates workouts
Inflates to 9"
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