Gymnic Therapy Balls are flexible and rebbed for maximum grip.
fitness accessories and home exercise fitness equipment to go with your Gymnic Therapy Ball.
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                          Gymnic® Therapy Exercise Balls

BNB-GTB45    -  45cm (18")  Yellow    Gymnic® Therapy Ball   $22.95
BNB-GTB45    -  55cm (22")  Red    Gymnic® Therapy Ball       $26.99
BNB-GTB65    -  65cm (26")  Blue    Gymnic® Therapy Ball      $32.99
BNB-GTB75    -  75cm (30")  Yellow  Gymnic® Therapy Ball     $37.99 
Gymnic Therapy Balls
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Gymnic Therapy Balls help you get fit.
Gymnic® Therapy Balls
Gymnic® Therapy Balls is perfectly round and offers dynamic elasticity.  It's never rigid, always flexible ad is ribbed for maximum grip.  All ability levels can use the Gymnic® therapy ball to improve balance, cooridination, flexivility and strength.  The Gymnic® therapy exercise ball is weight tested to over 600 lb. ad is color-coded by size.  Colors include: Yellow, Red and Blue.

This superior quality ball is excellent for all applications in physical therapy, sports and gymnastics. The Gymnic Classic is an excellent "way to move”, to get in shape and have fun while exercising to maintain overall health fitness and wellness. Its many other versatile uses include dance and body movement, aerobics, weight loss, specific fitness programs for kids as well as dynamic sitting for correct posture.  With its heavy duty structure and form this ball makes an excellent play ball for ages 3 and up. Do not use weights while exercising on the ball. Available in 4 sizes ranging from 18” to 30” in diameter.  .  Easy-to-follow exercise booklet included.
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