Hammer Head Anchor Gym H2
fitness accessories and home exercise fitness equipment to go with your Hammer Head Anchor Gym .
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The  Anchor Head Gym H2  is the perfect home gym. It's easy to use, delivers hundreds of great exercises, takes up zero floor space and is very affordable.

The Anchor Gym H2 is the single unit version of the system. It is a wall-mounted exercise system designed to safely anchor resistance bands, large loop bands, suspension straps, stretch straps and more. Although the H2 contains only two hooks (with the top hook mounted at seven feet), the H2 delivers numerous exercise options using resistance bands and suspension straps.

Made of all steel components, the Hammer Head Anchor Gym is a space-saving power house capable of supporting up to 300 pounds of resistance.

The Hammer Head Anchor Gym comes with an exercise poster containing ten resistance band exercises, ten suspension strap (body weight) exercises and ten stretches.

The Hammer Head Anchor Gym is very easy to install. Mounting hardware included.

The Hammer Head Anchor Gym comes with a Lifetime Guarantee. See Web site "Warranty/Guarantee" or Owner's Manual for details.

Specifics include:

1 H2 Units, Mounting Hardware, Instruction Manual and Exercise Wall Poster

Each H2 unit is 11.5-inches tall, 2.5-inches wide and weighs two pounds.

The hooks are made of 3/8-inch steel rod with a 1/2-inch steel support tube. The mounting plate is 3/16-inch steel.

Choice of Stud Wall Instillation or Concrete/Block Wall Instillation

The Hammer Head safety Hooks extend three inches from the wall.

Each Hammer Head H2 units comes with a Lifetime Guarantee.
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Buy your Hammer Head Anchor Gym  NOW!
Hammer Head Anchor Gym for your exercising needs.
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