Having a Ball Book for using your exercise ball!
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Having a Ball Book
Having a Ball Book
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The Having a Ball Book  is full of exciting fun games for kids!  Adults will love them too. 

It makes sense: Kids, balls, bouncing, laughter, and fun all go together. And in Having a Ball: Stability Ball Games, author John Byl shows you how to get kids bouncing, laughing, moving, and having great fun—all as they improve their fitness skills.

Having a Ball features

    * 73 stability ball games, with variations, that teach balance and coordination;
    * a great variety of challenges, races, relays, and team games for all participants;
    * a game finder that helps you quickly find the right activity for your group; and
    * games that work for youth in fitness centers, schools, park departments—wherever it is you work with kids.

The book is organized into seven chapters based on the nature of the activities and the number of players involved. There are games for partners working together to complete a challenge; for individuals, pairs, or groups to complete tasks as quickly as possible; and relays involving teams of three or four players each. There are also chase games, games for larger groups, and activities that pit two teams against each other.

Each game lists an objective and notes the equipment, number of players, and setup required. Instructions take you sequentially through explaining the game to your players. The games come with variations, and you and your players are encouraged to add to those variations to make the games work best for your particular situation.

Whether you’re using these games in a fitness center, recreation program, or school, they’ll be a hit with kids because the games are a blast—and using nontraditional equipment helps to level the playing field so everyone gets to participate equally.


Game Finder

Chapter 1 Partner Challenges
Chapter 2 Races
Chapter 3 Relays
Chapter 4 Tag Games
Chapter 5 Group Games
Chapter 6 Group Challenges
Chapter 7 Team Games

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Buy your Having a Ball Book  NOW!
Having a Ball Book

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