The Hoopnotica Travel Hoop is a great addition to any aerobic program
 The Hoopnotica Travel Hoop helps you get fit.
Hoopnotica Travel Hoop
fitness accessories and home exercise fitness equipment to go with your high step stepper.
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The Hoopnotica Travel Hoop is adjustable weighted hula hoop that is great for body shaping and toning!  Hoopnotica make it easy to enjoy a fun, low-impact workout in the comfort of your own home.  It will give you a fat-burning workout that both strengthens your core, and calms your mind,.  The Hopnotica Travel Hoop collapses into six segments so you can easily store and transport it. Once you've learned the basics to Hoop dancing you can take your favorite workout with you to the gym or even the park.

Join this hot  new fitness trend by getting your own Hoopnotica so you can  incorporate FUN, technique, and weight-loss.  Hoopnotica is putting a new spin on fitness! Easy to use; beautifully designed; and built to take a beating.  The best part is, that while you are simultaneously laughing and doing aerobic exercises, you are also secretly sculpting the waistline of your dreams.  Virtually EVERYONE is able to hoop given the proper tools and training.

- Can burn up to 400-600 calories
- Builds core strength
- Increases flexibility
- Has 6 Segments
- Provides an intense cardiovascular workout
- Comes with a color coordinated carrying strap
- Available in pink/gold or blue/silver
- Size adjust from 37" -  42"
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Buy your Hoopnotica Travel Hoop NOW!
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