How to sit on  your exercise ball.
Be sure your ball is properly inflated before using it.  If you need help use our page How to Inflate Your Exercise Ball.

Sitting on an exercise ball
The act of just sitting on an exercise ball is active and requires the core body muscles to work to hold the body upright and balanced on the ball. Until sitting on the exercise ball feels comfortable, it is often a good idea to not have the ball fully inflated—a slightly deflated exercise ball is more stable.

·  Sit in the center of the ball with both feet firmly on the ground about shoulder width apart. If this is difficult, then use a wider stance.

·  The knees should be in line over the ankles.

·  Shoulders should be in line over the body (not hunching forward) and the head squarely over the neck (not leaning forward).

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How to sit on  your exercise ball.
How to Sit on 
Your Exercise Ball

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Beginning exercise ball stretches
There are several stretches that are easy to do when starting to use an exercise ball. Stretching exercises help with the sense of the position of the parts of your body relative to the rest of the body, and with balance. Each of these stretches should be done slowly 7 to 12 times.

Move the hips from side-to-side
. While sitting on the exercise ball (as described above) and keeping the knees still, move the hips gently from side to side. Pause for a second at the end of each sideways movement to allow for a gentle stretch.

Move hips from front-to-back
. While keeping the knees still, place hands on the knees and rotate the hips forward by tucking the buttocks first under the pelvis, and then push them out behind the pelvis. All the motion should be limited to the hip area, not the knees or chest.

One can easily sit on the exercise ball while working at a desk or computer workstation and use the ball as an alternative to a traditional chair.  It is also great to sit on it while watching television or even reading. Whatever the use, sitting on an exercise ball at some point of the day is helpful to strengthen the core muscles that support the spine and improving posture.
Sitting on an exercise ball at your desk.
Woman  sitting on an exercise ball
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