Knead-a-Ball Squeeze Ball Hand exerciser are fun and effective therapy for hands.
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BNB-KAB - Knead-a-Ball Squeeze Ball Hand Exerciser      $7.50

Knead-a-Ball Squeeze Ball Hand exerciser
Knead-a-Ball Squeeze Ball Hand Exerciser
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Knead-a-Ball is a great squeeze ball you can use any time! Squeeze to prune size and within 2 to 3 seconds it returns back to its full 2 7/16 in diameter . Made of breathable foam polymer. Safe and won't bounce away. Arthritis sufferers can take this breathable foam polymer ball with them wherever they go to squeeze in helpful hand exercises

Keep your fingers, hands and forearms supple and strong with simple daily exercises using the Knead-a-Ball Exerciser.  This squeeze ball can improve strength, reduce stess and tension, prevent stiffness, relieve joint pain and increase flexibility.


Ideal  hand exerciser for both adults and  children
Palm-size ball bounces back to its original 2-7/16" diameter within 2 to 3 seconds after squeezing
Great tool for working off everyday stress and strengthening hands
Yellow 2-7/16" Diameter
Latex free
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Knead-a-Ball Squeeze Ball Hand exerciser