Lebert Stretch Strap™ are great for stretching & flexibility!
Lebert Stretch Strap
Lebert Stretch Strapô
fitness accessories and home exercise fitness equipment to go with your Lebert Stretch Strap .
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The Lebert Stretch Strapô is great for stretching your body and developing flexibility!  Utilizing the Lebert Stretch Strap will train your muscle fibers to relax into the stretch in order to lengthen instead of shortening and not elicit the stretch reflex which may cause injury. The Lebert Stretch Strapô was developed with the assistance of international and world class athlete and Master Yoga Instructor, Ann Green. The strap has a padded handle to reduce wrist tension and improve the enjoyment of holding your stretch. It features a double loop system and fits ergonomically well with almost any body type. The package consists of two Lebert Stretch Straps, complete with a small carry pouch and instructional DVD. The Lebert Stretch Strap is a must to finish any training session, camp or class.

Lebert Stretch Strap Features:
·  Helps improve flexibility and ROM during rehabilitation
·  Trains muscle fibers to relax into the stretch 
·  Has padded handle to reduce wrist tension 
·  Features a double loop system  package
·  Includes two Lebert Stretch Straps, complete with a small carry pouch, poster and instructional DVD          
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