Lifeline Power Walk Pro
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Power Walk Pro
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The Lifeline Power Walk Pro burns calories while developing strength and endurance. The multidirectional resistance silver cables provide variable resistance peaking at 6 lbs. (at top of arm swing). Improve health, lose weight and tone muscles with a resistance cables that links to elastic foot cuffs and handles to increase the benefits of your walking regime. Affordable and compact, the Power Walk Pro letís you stay in shape while having fun doing it.

With the Power Walk Pro youíll maximize your calorie burn every time you walk, all while shaping and toning your body. In addition, you'll improve your balance, coordination, and muscle endurance. By engaging your entire upper body, the Power Walk Pro turns on your arms, back, shoulders and core muscles and starts burning calories immediately.

The Lifeline Power Walk Pro comes with:
    Two 2í resistance cables
    Two ProWalk adjustable handles
    Two foot straps
    A lightweight carry bag   
    Instructional Manual                             
BNB-LPWP     Lifeline Power Walk Pro   $31.95
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Lifeline Power Walk Pro
Lifeline Power Walk Pro
Lifeline Power Walk Pro
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