MediCordz Head Strap for strengthening your neck and upper back.
fitness accessories and home exercise fitness equipment to go with your MediCordz MediCordz Wall Mount Kit.
MediCordz® Head Strap can be used with bungie cords to add resistance while stretching to strengthen your neck and upper back muscles.  Made of neoprene and is padded.  This padded head strap comes in 1 size which is adjustable from 20" (50 cm) to 26" (66 cm) head circumference).  It is interchangeable and is sold separately.  It is intended to be used with your choice of MediCordz resistance tubing.s
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MediCordz Head Strap
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MediCordz Head Strap
MediCordz® Head Strap
Medicordz Bungie Rehab Kit
MediCordz Head Strap in use
BNB-MWMKS - MediCordz Head Strap                $19.95
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MediCordz Head Harness
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