The  PhysioBall will add fun and variety to your exercise program.
 Physio Balls help you get fit.
PhysioGymnic Exercise Balls
Fitness accessories and home exercise fitness equipment to go with your PhysioBall.
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BNB-PGB45  -  45cm 18" Yellow PhysioGymnic Exercise Ball       $19.95

BNB-PGB55  -  55cm 22"  Orange PhysioGymnic Exercise Ball   $24.95

BNB-PGB65 -  65cm 26" Green  PhysioGymnic Exercise Ball      $29.95

BNB-PGB75    -  75cm 30" Red PhysioGymnic Exercise Ball       $36.95

BNB-PGB85 -  85cm 34" Blue PhysioGymnic Exercise Ball         $46.95  

BNB-PGB95    -  95cm  38" Red PhysioGymnic Exercise Ball      $56.95 

BNB-PGB120 -  120cm  42" Orange PhysioGymnic Exercise Ball  $95.95 
BNB-BPFB   -  Add On Exercise Ball Pump        $6
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A PhysioGymnic Ball (also known as a Swiss ball) is a large diameter PVC ball used for exercises designed to strengthen, stabilize and increase mobility through the pelvic and lower back regions. PhysioGymnic Balls can be used to improve balance, coordination, flexibility and strength. They are brightly colored and molded of durable, heavy-duty vinyl. Inflation required  Premium
inflatable exercise balls. 300 pound weight capacity. Available in various sizes and colors. Made in Italy.  Perfect for therapeutic use, especially in physical therapy and rehabilitation but they are also just plain fun! 

The PhysioGymnic Ball instinctively engages your core muscles. Using the ball helps engage the deep abdominal muscles as the body works to rebalance itself, as well as enhance core stability and peripheral movement. You will develop better posture and a great midriff while improving your balance using this ball. These fitness balls can be used for low-impact aerobic workouts, to strengthen and tone muscles or to improve balance, coordination and mobility. They can be used as an effective cross-training tool for athletes, and are fun and challenging for all ages.   The  PhysioGymnic Ball will add fun and variety to your exercise program while providing a great stretch for your entire spine and your hamstrings... total body fitness!
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