Pilates Mat with Stretch-eze®  Level 1 DVD
Pilates Mat with Stretch-eze®  Level 1 DVD helps you get fit.
Pilates Mat with Stretch-ezeŽ  Level 1 DVD
fitness accessories and home exercise fitness equipment to go with your Let's Play with the ElastaBlast™ DVD & Handbook.
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BNB-SEMDVD   -  Pilates Mat with Stretch-eze®  Level 1 DVD...........$24.95
Buy your Pilates Mat with Stretch-eze®  Level 1 DVD NOW!

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Pilates Mat with Stretch-eze DVD
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Stretch-eze Full Body Resistance Bands
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The Pilates Mat with Stretch-eze®  Level 1 DVD is a 60 minute dvd provides a step by step, easy to follow Pilates Mat workout. Pressing into the walls of the Stretch-eze support and resistance helps you negotiate more difficult Pilates moves with ease, grace, and less strain. Whether you are new to pilates or a seasoned exerciser, you will _ access and strengthen core muscles in less time, balance core stability and mobility, and increase your overall flexibility

Stretch-ease® The Ultimate Full-Body Resistance Band

This individual nylon lycra stretch band developed by dance/movement therapist Kimberly Dye, is used for resistance and stretch exercises. Wrap the Stretch-eze® Full Body Resistance Band around your shoulders and put in your feet. Feel snug, supported, and able to press into the resistance to create a cleaner access to the intrinsic core muscles with no build up of tension. Use this resistance stretch band to do passive, active and PNF stretching while you maintain proper body alignment.