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This TheraGear Pilates Mini Ball is a sure way to tone your abs and inner thighs as well as increase your flexibility, strength and endurance!  Get to your pilates class prepared with these Theragear Pilates Mini Balls! Each ball measures 9"/26cm and are in the color purple. It is also Phthalate free, maintaining the smallest environmental impact. A wonderful tool for adding focus & energy to your workout. Includes inflation straw to make usage easier. Soft surface for easy grip.

Suitable for relaxation and deep relaxation, for abdominal muscle training and neck massages. It can also be used as supporting cushion, when it is partially inflated. A wonderful tool for adding focus & energy to your workouts. The pilates ball helps you work through the muscles that need strengthening and release those that are working overtime.  You will find many more uses for them as well.  Use our Pilates Balls for great pilates exercises that work!

The Pilates Mini Ball is easy to inflate by gently blowing into the inflation straw (included)
For all skill levels--beginner to advanced
Phthalate Free
Latex Free
Size:  Inflates to 9"
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