Foam ProRoller Arch
Anatomical Foam Rollers are great fitness and therapy tools.
Foam Pro-Roller Arch
fitness accessories and home exercise fitness equipment to go with your ProRoller Foam Roller.
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Soft ProRoller Foam Roller
Anatomical Foam Roller
Anatomical Foam Roller
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Foam Roller Arch
Anatomical Roller
Support your body's efficient, optimal position during exercise with OPTP's PRO-ROLLER Arch™. On a foam roller, a mat, or even a Pilates Reformer/Cadillac, the PRO-ROLLER Arch offers unlimited uses. The Pro-Roller Foam Arch adds extra support and variety in exercising.  Use this versatile PRO-ROLLER Arch™ to improve posture on a foam roller, to enhance Pilates routines, to increase the instability of a foam roller, as a positioning tool, as a block, as a cushion, and so much more.

When placed across the top of a PRO-ROLLER™ (or any 6" diameter foam roller), the Arch helps prevent hyper-extension of the cervical spine. When multiple Arches are placed under a foam roller, it raises the center of gravity, making it less stable. Its shape is ideal for a spacer between the knees or a cushion under them. Can also be used with half rollers.

Constructed from soft EVA foam. Measures 5½" H x 11½" W x 4¾" D; raises head 2¼" when placed on a foam roller. Discover the possibilities of the PRO-ROLLER Arch with the included instructional poster.


Provides optimal position during exercise
Adds extra support in specific places needed
Use on a foam roller, a mat or or a Pilates reformer/cadillac
Naturally supports and aligns the spine during exercise
Blue and White "wave" color
Constructed of premium EVA foam
Measures 5½" H x 11½" W x 4¾" D; raises head 2¼" when placed on a foam roller.
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