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Pro-Tec  Ice-Up Portable Ice Massager for releif of sore muscles and joints.
Pro-Tec  Ice-Up Portable Ice Massager
fitness accessories and home exercise fitness equipment to go with your Pro-Tec Ice-Up.
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Buy your Pro-Tec Ice-Up  NOW!
Buy your Pro-Tec Ice-Up NOW!
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Pro-Tec Ice-Up
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The Pro-Tec Ice-Upô provides effective treatments in 5-10 minutes with deep tissue penetration on target areas. It's high effective therapy for ligament, tendon and muscular injuries. Includes portable carry cooler, which keeps stick frozen up to 10 hours. A leak-proof design keeps your sport's bag dry.Where ever you are, whatever condition your muscles are in, you can grab the Ice-Up Portable Ice Massager and give yourself a little healing power. Stick it in the freezer before you want to leave or work out. The portable carrying cooler keeps the Ice-Up stick frozen for up to 10 hours. This ice therapy stick provides you with a direct, active ice massage with an easily transportable design. It contributes quick, deep tissue penetration thatís focused on target areas. The ergonomic, insulated Comfort Grip barrel offers a controlled ice massage and the patented Ice Grippers allow for a full range of controlled massage pressure.


Effective treatments in 5 minutes, 10 minutes or 20 minutes for passive ice packs.
Offers quick deep tissue penetration focused on target areas.
Effective therapy for ligament, tendon and muscular injuries.
Fast, immediate ice massage, which increases treatment effectiveness and speeds recovery.