30cm Blue Gymnic PhysioRoll Peanut Balls are excellent for therapy exercises for people and dogs both!
Toe Flexor Toe Stretchers are excellent for stretching and relaxing toes!
Toe Flexor Toe Stretchers
30cm Peanut Exercise Balls
fitness accessories and home exercise fitness equipment to go with your Toe Flexor Toe Stretchers.
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Toe Flexor Toe Stretchers provide stretch and flexibility to toes and forefoot area. Great for stretching inbetween toes. The To Flexor Toe Stretchers help with reduction of tightness and strain to toe and forefoot area. May alleviate conditions of bunions and metatarsalgia.

How it Works: To be used during inactivity, the Toe Flexor includes four vertical foam bars that stretch each toe away from the one next to it.

Their Design: Made from high quality foam. Material is soft enough to provide comfort, yet firm enough to stretch toes by creating space between.

Made by Pro Athletics Come in 2 sizes Moderate Stretch & Maximum Stretch

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Toe Flexor Toe Stretchers by Pro Athletics
Buy your Toe Flexor Toe Stretchers Pair NOW!
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BNB-PATSMX   -  Maximum Stretch Toe Flexor Toe Stretchers Pair      $9.95
Prostretch Flexibility Exerciser

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