Metatarsal Lift Compression Pads
Pro Tech Athletics Metatasal Lift Compression Pads Lifts
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Buy your Metatarsal Lift Compression Pads NOW!

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Metatarsal Lift Compression Pads
Metatarsal Lift Compression Pads
Metatarsal Lift Compression Pads
The Pro Tech Athletic Metatarsal Lift Compression Pads means No More Pain! They reducespain and discomfort to the metatarsal (forefoot) region.These compression pads are made from neoprene, felt, and Cool Max material. This CoolMax® covered pad fits right on your shoe insole and stays put  "Peel and stick" application allows you to find the correct location (as shown within packaging) on the insole of your shoe. They are designed to provide target relief for maximum effectiveness. 

Alleviates conditions of "fallen metatarsal arch", Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome, "ball of foot" pain, Morton's Neuroma (irritated nerve endings) and bursitis.

Sizes (Measurement based on shoe size):
Medium for Men's (7-10), Women's (5-11)
Large for Men's (10+ ), Women's (11+ )
BNB-PTMLPL   - LARGE Metatarsal Lift Compression Pads     $12.95
BNB-PTMLPM   - MEDIUM Metatarsal Lift Compression Pads     $12.95
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