PVC Free Balance Cushion  for sitting and balance.
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Cando® Gel Hand Exercise Balls are great for arthritis, repetitive stress injury, stroke recovery, stress reduction, strengthening and more.
fitness accessories and home exercise fitness equipment to go with your Sitting Cusion.
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BNB-PVCFC  -   PVC Free Balance Seating Cushion     $24.95
Buy your PVC Free Balance Seating Cushion NOW!

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WePlay® PVC Free Balance Cushion
Dual Action Ball Pump     $7.50
This PVC-Free Balance Sitting Cushion is non-allergic, non-toxic and recyclable.is an air-filled cushion made of soft, pliable PVC free material - Free of Latex, PVC, Phthalates and Chloride. It is part of their Eco-Green Series.Has 2 textured surfaces: spiked bottom and pebbled top which provides constant stimulation.  Great for improving intramuscular coordination.  Great for balance training, ergonomic sitting and rehabilitation.  Great for sitting!

It can be used to wave your body on the cushion and exercise while you sit. You can relieve  nerves , appease emotion and for balance as well. This soft cushioned disc promotes an overall sense of balance while the user stands, kneels or sits on it.  One side of the cushion is bump-studded while the other is more gently textured to provide the user with different sensations to enhance the sense of touch and coordination.  Diameter: 13.5”.  Ages:  2 years & up.

PVC Free Balance Sitting Cushion Features include:
Improves balance ability,
Designed especially for children
Dimension: 13.5” diam.
Color: Spearmint
Latex Free
Eco-Green Series: Non-allergic, non-toxic, and recyclable
1 side has bumps and the other is a smooth texture
Materials: TPR,- an environment protection material that is PVC free
Maximum Weight Capacity: 220 lbs.
Good for Ages:  2 years old & up
Warranty is at the manufacturer's discretion
WePlay® PVC Free Balance Cusion
Ecowise PVC Free Balance Cushion for sitting and balance.
PVC Free Sitting Cushion
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