Resist-a-Band Latex Loop Bands help you trim and shape your thighs, lega and hips.
Resist-a-Band Latex Loop Exercise Bands from exercise Balls'n'Bands
Resist-a-Band® Latex Loop Bands
fitness accessories and home exercise fitness equipment to go with your Resist-a-Band Latex Loop Bands.
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Resist-a-Band® Exercise Band Loops are made of natural latex rubber and great for developing strength and endurance.  The are one continuous loop elastic band that has a narrower width than the average loop band. The width varies with the strength level of the band with the Light Yellow being 1/2" wide and the Very Heavy Purple being 1 1/2" wide.  The length is 11 1/2" lying flat on one side or a total of 23" for the full circle.  Resist-a-Band® Loops are in one circular piece and never knot.   They can be used in a variety of applications, particularly for lower body  and conditioning and upper arm strengthening as well as balance.  Exercise Loops are great for toning and strengthening hips , legs, thighs, shoulders, back and arms.   They are also ideal for exercise utilizing a continuous loop band without the need for tying. These loop bands lay flat and their narrower width makes them more comfortable to use than the average band.  Resist-a-Band® loops are very economical & easy to use for effective and efficient body shaping and toning of legs, thighs and hips.  These latex band loops can last for a very long time with proper care and use.

Color coded by their strength level Resist-a-Band® Exercise Band Loops come in:
Yellow Light Strength
Red Medium Strength
Green Heavy Strength
Blue Very Heavy Strength
Purple Special Have Strength
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Buy your Resist-a-Band Latex Loop Bands NOW!
BNB-RBLY  -  Light Yellow Resist-a-Band Exercise Band Loop                       $3.50

BNB-RBLHG  -  Heavy Green Resist-a-Band Exercise Band Loop                 $4.50

BNB-RBLVHB  -  Very Heavy Blue Resist-a-Band Exercise Band Loop         $5.00

BNB-RBLVHP  -  Special Heavy Purple Resist-a-Band Exercise Band Loop $5.25
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