The  Roller Ice Ball Massager rolls in all directions.
fitness accessories and home exercise fitness equipment to go with your   Roller Ice Ball Massager .
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Use the Roller Ice Ball Massager  for hot or cold therapy.
Roller Ice® Ball Massager provides targeted cold or hot therapy to relax muscles, relieve tension and ease aches and pains. The liquid filled reservoir holds its temperature when chilled or heated. The temperature is transmitted through the stainless steel massage ball or “bullet” to the treatment area. The ball rolls freely in all directions for a great massage. The Roller Ice® “Bullet” type provides additional weight for deep tissue massage. Fitted neoprene “bulb” cover insulates the liquid reservoir and protects the therapist’s hand from the cold.

3 TYPES to choose from:

Roller Ice® Ball Massager
Roller Ice® Ball Massager with Magnet
Roller Ice® Bullet Massager
The Roller Ice® Ball Massagers will give you a deep gentle massage. where you need it.
Roller Ice® Ball Massagers
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BNB-RIB   -  Roller Ice® Ball Massager with Magnet   $51.95
BNB-RIB   -  Roller Ice® Bullet Massager   $51.95

BNB-RIB   -  Roller Ice Reservoir Cover  $9.95
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