Ergo Sit™ Cushion
Buy your Ergo Sit CushionNOW!

Buy your Ergo Sit™ CushionNOW!
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Color Choice:  Blue & Silver
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The air-filled Ergo Sit™ Cushion is an innovative way to improve posture and promote better balance. Much like a balance ball, the Ergo Sit cushion makes you sit up straight while working your abs.  Sitting on it encourages upright posture, which means less stress on your spine. Strengthen back and abdominal muscles while working at your computer, or put the Ergo Sit™ on the floor to exercise your legs and feet. . It optimizes proper posture and builds back strength.   Provides excellent support!

The Ergo Sit has a new and improved design with thigh-support. With the new two sides up design, the new Ergo Sit can be used on both sides.  It improves balance and exercises stabilizing muscles in the feet, legs and core. Place the round side forward for active sitting and the thigh-rest forward for stable sitting. Includes a needle pump for convenient air adjustment.  This product is sold in Canada as the Sitfit™ and in the United States as the Ergo Sit™.  Now made by Theragear
Size: 14"
Ergo Sit™ Cushion help you when sitting.
Ergo Sit Cushion
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