Exercise ball with legs for stalibity exercising and ergonomic seating.
Sit'n'Gym Exercise Balls with Feet - An exercise ball with legs for stability and ergonomic seating.
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fitness accessories and home exercise fitness equipment to go with your  Exercise Ball with Feet.
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Buy your Sit'n'Gym Exercise Ball with Feet NOW!
Please Note: The feet of the Sit N Gym Plus Exercise Ball are not designed to be used while sitting. They are for use in stabalizing the ball while not in use. The feet should not be kept under the ball while in use or they could break.
Sit'n'Gym Exercise Balls with Feet
The Sit'n'Gym Ball with Feet is made to promote circulation for greater attention and alertness. Works for exercise. Ages 3 years and up depending on size  Made of super strong latex-free vinyl material and is surface washable. The Gymnic Sit' n' Gym ball has little feet to prevent them from rolling away when you stand up.  Widely used in European kindergartens and classrooms, the Sit N Gym encourages dynamic sitting through gentle body movements that improves blood circulation increasing the child's attention span conducive to better learning. It also promotes proper body alignment for better posture. Provides all of the ergonomic seating benefits of the regular exercise ball, but stays put when not in use.  While you sit/train, the feet collapse for maximum instability.  Once you get up, the feet snap back so that the ball remains in one place. Can also be used as a regular exercise ball.  Sturdy and reliable for your exercising needs.  This exercise ball with legs provides an economical way to use your ball as a chair with added stability and flexibility.  Poly bag packaging. Recommended weight: max. 270 lbs / Tested load capacity 660 lbs.

                                        The  35cm  (14") Sit'n"Gym Fitness Ball with Feet  comes in Clear with Stars
                                        The  45cm (18")  Sit'n"Gym Fitness Ball with Feet  comes in Yellow
                                        The  55cm (22") Sit'n"Gym Fitness Ball with Feet  comes in Red
                                        The  65cm (26") Sit'n"Gym Fitness Ball with Feet  comes in Blue
The Sit'n'Gymn® Exercise Ball with Feet or Legs helps you get fit and improve your posture.
Sit'n'Gym Fitness Ball with Feet
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