Using Slastix™ Toner Exercise  Tubing is exellent for body shaping and toning.
Slastix Toner Exercise Tubing help you get fit.
Slastix™ Toner Exercise  Tubing
fitness accessories and home exercise fitness equipment to go with your Slastix Toners.
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Patented Slastix™ technology is revolutionizing the way you workout with resistance tubing. Slastix™ Toners are better than traditional "NAKED" tubing for increased safety and comfort. Slastix last longer, are more durable, and don't pinch your skin or hair. Slastix provide a safe alternative to traditional "naked" tubing with our patented Safety Sleeve™ technology.  With Slastix™, naked tubing is a thing of the past. The tubing is protected from wear, nicks and cuts, as well as from the tubing being over stretched. Build strength and long lean muscle with revolutionary Slastix™ technology. This type of Slastix Tubing had FOAM Handles for extra comfort in exercising. Available in various resistances to accommodate all fitness levels. Available in very light, light, medium, heavy, and very heavy.

Very Light resistance level provides 7 pounds of resistance.
Light resistance level provides 12 pounds of resistance.
Medium resistance level provides 19 pounds of resistance.
Heavy resistance level provides 26 pounds of resistance.
Very Heavy resistance level provides 33 pounds of resistance.

     ·   Superior quality
     ·  Last longer and are more durable
     ·   Have a patented Safety Sleeve that covers the tubing for safety and durability
     ·  Have FOAM Handles
     ·   Protected from being over stretched
     ·  Handles are larger and more comfortable than the average exercise band handle
     ·   Come in 5 strengths
     ·   Specifically designed for resistive work
     ·  Includes a Tubing Guide exercise poster  

Add a Stroops™ Foam  Door Anchor for more flexibility in exercising!
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Buy your Slastix™ Toner Exercise Tubing NOW!

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Stalastix Toner Exercise Tubing
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BNB-SLTVL   -  Very Light Slastix™ Toner  with FOAM Handles       $15.95

BNB-SLTL  -  Light
Slastix™ Toner with FOAM Handles                   $16.95

BNB-SLTM   -  Medium
Slastix™ Toner  with FOAM Handles            $17.95

BNB-SLTH   -  Heavy
Slastix™ Toner  with FOAM Handles               $18.95

BNB-SLTVH   -  Very Heavy
Slastix™ Toner E with FOAM Handles  $20.95

BNB-SLS       -   Set of 3 Levels Slastix Toners with FOAM Handles
                           and Door Anchor  - Light, Medium & Heavy                $53

BNB-SLS       -   Set of 5 Levels Slastix Toners with FOAM Handles
                               and Door Anchor                                                     $87.00
                            Very Light, Light,  Medium, Heavy & Very Heavy
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