Strength Ball Training Book shows how to use exercise ball for strength training.
The Strength Ball Training Book will help you get fit.
The Strength Ball Book
fitness accessories and home exercise fitness equipment to go with your Strength Training on the Core Stability Ball Poster.
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The Strength Ball Training Book by Lorne Goldberg and Peter Twist  is a 2nd edition including a sample 16-week program with an excellent array of strength, flexibility, and balance challenges that may also be customized to design your own strength ball program.  It presents 69 exercises including core stabilization, flexibility, and strength exercises that target all the major muscle groups.  There are more than 140 photos show the precise steps in each exercise.  Combines fitness ball and medicine ball exercises to develop greater strength an stability an enhance your sport performance.

"Why would anyone want to get on a ball to perform strength-training exercises? The Answer: An unstable environment is created when a ball is used as the platform for the exercises described. To many, this variable of instability may very well be a key to increased strength levels."

"Strength training with Swiss and medicine balls offer an breakthrough: the opportunity to utilize your body as a unit to execute an exercise."

"most effective way to enhance traditional training methods"

286 pages; paperback

Chapters include:

Exercise Finder
The Strength Ball Advantage
Training with the Strength Ball
Core Stabilization
Core Rotation
Legs and Hips
Shoulders and Upper Back
Abdominals, Lower Back and Glutes
Biceps, Triceps and Forearms
Whole Body
Strength Ball Programs
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Buy your Strength Ball Training Book  NOW!

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