Strength Band Training shows how to use resistive bands and tubing in 106 exercises addressing every major muscle group.
 help you get fit.
Strength Band Training Book
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Maximize your strength, speed, and power through the use of resistance bands and tubing using the guidance of this fantastic 224 page paperback book. The Strength Band Training book by Phil Page and Todd Ellenbecker will help you get the most out of your resistance band training with, more than 160 exercises targeting every major muscle group along with predesigned workout programs and sport-specific workouts for 13 endurance, power, and rotational sports. . The Strength Band Training Book will show you how to use these portable bands and tubing for the perfect travel workout.

In this new edition, Strength Band Training shows you how to maximize strength, speed, and power in the gym, at home, or on the road. With more than 160 exercises and predefined fitness and sport-specific workouts, the book shows you why strength bands are the ultimate tool for targeting, isolating, and developing every major muscle group.

Portable and easy to adjust, the bands provide resistance for any level of strength, fitness, or ability. The exercises allow you to add resistance in multiple directions—something free weights and machines cannot do—for resistance routines that can simulate sport-specific demands, strengthen and tone your core, or target muscles to help you prevent or recover from common injuries.

Whether you are seeking to improve athletic performance or wish to redefine, sculpt, or shape your physique, Strength Band Training provides the most effective exercises and workouts for results you can see and feel.

Table of Contents:
Part I: Basics of Elastic Resistance Training
Chapter 1: Strength Training With Elastic Resistance
Chapter 2: Stretching Exercises

Part II: Elastic Resistance Training for Stability, Strength, and Power
Chapter 3: Joint Isolation Exercises
Chapter 4: Chest, Upper Back, and Shoulder Exercises
Chapter 5: Abdominal, Core, and Low Back Exercises
Chapter 6: Hip, Thigh, and Lower-Body Exercises
Chapter 7: Total-Body Exercises
Chapter 8: Power, Speed, and Agility Exercises

Part III: Programming
Chapter 9: Functional Fitness Training Programs
Chapter 10: Programs for Rotational Sports
Chapter 11: Programs for Strength and Power Sports
Chapter 12: Programs for Endurance Sports
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Buy your Strength Band Training book NOW!
Strength Band Training Book

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