Strength Training for Women Book
Strength Training for Women Book will  help you get strong!
Strength Training for Women Book
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Ready for an individualized approach to working out that produces better results? Strength Training for Women by Lori Incledon delivers with information tailored to the way your body works and responds to training, and the specific tools you need to reach your goals.

More than simple descriptions of exercises and training programs, this book explains why the exercises are important and which training program is right for you. Youíll gain insight into how the female body responds to training and come away with six sample programs and more than 102 exercises to train every area of the female form. In addition to helping you gain strength, the programs provided will help you burn fat, build strong bones, and prepare for competition.

Maximize your genetic makeup and unique physiology to build muscle that will add strength, boost metabolism, improve bone density, and give you the lean, muscular look you want without the big, bulky look you donít. Start using Strength Training for Women now to break through frustrating plateaus and cater to the special needs of your body. 
157 pages; paperback


Part I: Designing Women
Chapter 1: Becoming Fashionably Strong
Chapter 2: Building a Better Body
Chapter 3: Muscling Up Your Metabolism

Part II: Results-Oriented Training
Chapter 4: Training for Specific Results
Chapter 5: Gaining Superwoman Strength
Chapter 6: Fueling Your Strength
Chapter 7: Designing Your Program

Part III: Movements and Muscles
Chapter 8: Strengthening Your Core
Chapter 9: Pressing and Pulling for Power
Chapter 10: Arming Your Biceps and Triceps
Chapter 11: Developing Lean, Athletic Legs
Chapter 12: Deadlifting for Whole-Body Strength
Chapter 13: Quenching Your Competitive Fire
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Strength Training for Women Book

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