Using  thew Stroops™ Deluxe Exercise Loop is exellent for body shaping and toning.
fitness accessories and home exercise fitness equipment to go with your Stroops Loops.
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Buy your Stroops™ Loops NOW!

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Stroops™ Deluxe Exercise Loops
Stroops Deluxe Padded Loop Toners provide comfort and durability for all your resistance workouts. Stroops Deluxe Loops have a special covering - the Safety Sleeve™ AND an adjustable strap which is helpful for leg work. .   Grab anywhere you want with no skin irritation and no need for handles or cuffs.  They provide a safe alternative to traditional "naked" tubing with the patented Safety Sleeve™ technology.  Stroops Loops can be used for both upper body and lower body toning. The safety sleeve™ covering provides a built in stretch limitation for increased product life and safety for the user.  It also makes them more durable  Available in extra light,  light, medium, heavy and extra heavy resistance levels.  Can be bought individually or as a set.

Light resistance level provides 12 pounds of resistance.
Medium resistance level provides 19 pounds of resistance.
Heavy resistance level provides 26 pounds of resistance.

     ·   Superior quality
     ·  Last longer and are more durable
     ·   Have a patented Safety Sleeve
         that covers the tubing for safety and durability
     ·   Protected from being over stretched
     ·   Have an added adjustable strap for leg work
     ·   Come in 5 strengths
     ·   Specifically designed for resistive work