Foam Door Anchor
BodySport ExerciseTubing are great afor rehab and fitness training programs.
Foam Door Anchor
fitness accessories and home exercise fitness equipment to go with yourFoam Door Anchor.
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Foam Door Anchor
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Sturdy door anchor for exercise tubing or exercise bans made of  foam and nylon made by Stroops.  Use with a closed door so you can work on strenghtening and flexibility without hassle.  This Foam  Door Anchor is great for use with any brand exercise tubing as well.

Foam Door AnchorFeatures:

- Works with most sizes of tubing and bands
- Securely hold the tubing in a closed door
Height adjustable
- Made of nylon
- Comes in black
Warranty is at the manufacturer's discretion

How To Insert Foam Door Anchor  into door frame:

First, open door and insert the flat wedged end of the Door Anchor through space between the hinge side of the door and door frame. Wedged end should extend well beyond door frame. Rounded end is on the other side of the door hinge.

Next, thread tubing or band through Door Anchor.

Make sure door is closed and locked prior to exercise. Pull Door Attachment to test placement.

Warning: Place Foam Door Attachment only on hinge side of door.
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