The Swiss Ball Pro Exercise Ball is one of the sturdest exercise balls on the market!
Swiss Balls help you get fit.
Swiss Pro Exercise Ball
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Buy the Swiss Ball Pro Exercise Ball NOW!
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The Swiss Ball Pro is widely used by fitness trainers and athletes. It is designed expecially for use with added resistance like dumbbells. It has ABS which stands for Anti Burst System which means the ball will not explode if accidentally punctured. Designed with a non-slip surface, the Swiss Ball Pro is latex-free and burst-proof for your safety. It is without doubt the safest and most durable exercise ball in the world. As an extra challenge you can use the exercise ball as a bench using free-weights to target those hard to reach stabilizer muscles.
   •   Comes in 45 CM, 55 CM, 65CM & 75 CM Sizes
                                                •   Maximum weight limit of 2200 Lbs.
                                                •   Secure Max Weight Limit of 500 Lbs.
  Latex Free
  Made by TheraGear
                                                  Good for use as a birthing ball as well                                            

Try using it for
ACTIVE SITTING to correct posture, lose inches and become stronger. (See our article Using Your Exercise Ball as a Chair .) Great for hyperactive kids too! If you are not certain what ball size to choose see our article Selecting the Correct Exercise Ball Size.

Specially designed for your exercise with dumbbells, this ball has extra firm support for controlled movement during weight training. Swiss exercise balls are made with a special material that prevents the ball from dangerously exploding if accidentally punctured. Acrylic particles allow air to release gradually so TheraGuard™ ABS System balls deflate slowly - and safely. The Swiss Pro Ball is burst-proof up to 500lbs and supports a static weight up to 2200lbs. All our Exercise balls are latex-free.
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