Tangle Sportz Matrix Airless Nightball glow in the dark football
Tangle Sportz Matrix Airless Nightball at Balls'n'Bands
Tangle Sportz Glow in the Dark Nightball
fitness accessories and home exercise fitness equipment to go with your Tangle Nightball Football.
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BNB-TNB  -   Tangle Sportz Matrix Airless Nightball Football  $19.95
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Just in time for tailgating, the Tangle Sportz Airless NightBall Football will light up the night with fun! The NightBall Football is easy to catch and easy to throw for everyone, with all abilities. And with the NightBall, the real fun starts when the sun goes down. The NightBall has special LED lights that get brighter when you throw it! It is the ultimate Light-Up Football!  Lighting up the sky in a myriad of neon colors this special football streaks through space, leaving a vibrant impression. It even floats on water for awesome beach and pool play!

Wow! Kids are so enthralled they almost forget to catch the whizzing football. The more it spirals the brighter the light glows. Patented Matrix design delivers spirals almost every time.   This unique sports toy isn't solid and doesn't rely on compressed air to work and will add a cool twist to your usual football games, from a quick game of catch to a full football match. Easy to catch, easy to throw, kids have no problem expending energy.

The sun goes down and the fun comes up. Tangle Sportz Nightball Football unleashes light and excitement with each and every throw. Kids of all ages love it!

Tangle Sportz Matrix Airless Nightball Football Features:

Football glows when it flies through the air
Encourages team sports, outdoor activity
Easy to catch, easy to throw
Floats in water.
Patented Matrix design spirals almost every time
More spiral, more light
Super bright LED's light up the night
Energetic activity day or NIGHT!
Size 8"
Colors vary

See the nightball in action on U-TUBE
Tangle Sportz Matrix Airless Nightball glow in the dark football
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