The Resistance Gym
The Resistance Gym will help you get fit and gain strength.
The Resistance Gym Wall Grid
fitness accessories and home exercise fitness equipment to go with your The Resistance Gym.
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Do a "FULL WORKOUT" against the wall!

The Resistance Gym Wall Grid is a resistance gym product that bolts to a wall and provides a way for you to workout using a standard folding chair, a wheelchair, or just by standing. With the resistance band system and the adjustable t-slotted material you can workout in infinite positions. This is great for strength workouts, rehabilitation, or stretching.  It uses the resistance band method sliding along a t-slotted track to give you infinite locations to place the resistance bands for the perfect workout. You can improve your strength, flexibility, and balance with the low-impact and smooth resistance bands.   The gym weighs 10 pounds and measures 41inches high by 30 inches wide.. Check out our videos to see how it works!

If you are handicapped with a disability, a quadriplegic, paralyzed, or paraplegic you know how hard it is to find good handicap fitness equipment that allows you to workout the areas of your body that will benefit from using fitness equipment. Most people have had to just use a stationary hand bike.  Now you don't have to settle for a HAND BIKE. With the wheelchair gym series of wall gym equipment from the resistance gym you can now have the level of wheelchair workout sessions that you have been desiring.  It is the Total Gym for strength training!

Features include:

·   Fun and effective!
·   Great use of exercise tubing for strength training
·   Highly effective for  increasing strength in all areas of your body:  your arms, chest, back, legs, and abs
·   Can be used with a wheelchair, standard folding chair of just by standing
·   Great for  home use but can be used in gyms, studios, schools or  anywhere!
·   Lightweight
·   Easy to assemble and use
·   Comes with exercise machine and 2 sets of 3 different resistance bands
·   Capable of 7 levels of different resistance
·   Size:  41" high by 30" wide.
·   Weight 11 lbs.
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The Resistance Gym Wall Grid

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