Thera-Band® Foot Roller
Theraband foot roller foot massager
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 Theraband foot roller for foot massage.
Thera-BandŽ Foot Roller
Use this special Thera-BandŽ Foot Roller to massage tired, aching feet!   It is a hands free method of pampering and massaging your feet. Feels great under your feet! The Thera-BandŽ Foot Roller is an ideal tool for people who are seeking an affordable, simple and effective solution for relieving foot pain associated with common conditions such as plantar fasclitis, heel spurs and tired feet. The grooved hard surface increases pressure points to create a quality foot massage.  It matches the foot's contour for better feel.  Can be chilled or frozen.   Contains latex.  Non-returnable.

Features of the Thera-BandŽ Foot Roller:

-  Made of supple natural rubber - slip resistant and won't scratch floors.
-  Easily cleaned with a disinfectant spray.
-  Ridged design - increases pressure points to deliver enhanced foot massage.
-  Hollow core - helps match the foot's contour creating a snug, custom feel.
-  Can be chilled or frozen - cooling prior to use aids reducing inflammation.
Slip resistant, won't scratch floors
-  Complete with instructions - includes instructions for Foot Massage and Big Toe Stretch.
-  Contains latex.
-  Small and lightweight - portable and travel friendly.
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