TheraBand® Hand Trainers are great for hand, finger and thumb rehab and strengthening.
fitness accessories and home exercise fitness equipment to go with your TheraBand hand trainers.
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BNB-THTK   - TheraBand® Hand Trainer Introductory Kit                  $32.95
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TheraBand® Hand Trainer

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TheraBand® Hand Trainers are great for hand, finger and thumb rehab and strengthening.
TheraBand® Hand Trainers
TheraBand® Hand Trainers are used for hand, finger and thumb rehabilitation and strengthening.  TheraBand® Hand Trainers have six interchangeable levels of resistance from extra-light to extra-heavy.  Each sheet has a number of holes to allow different placement of the fingers for different exercises.  TheraBand® Hand Trainers can be bought seperately or you can purchase an introductory kit.  The warranty is at the manufacturere discretion

The TheraBand® Hand Trainer Introductory Kit includes:
     -  Two interlocking Hand Trainer rings (10" & 10.5" diameter),
     -  Six latex sheets (one of each resistance level/color), and
     -  An exercise instruction guide
     -  Post-operative hand rehabilitation
     -  Finger and hand rehabilitation
     -  Prevention of repetitive strain injury (carpal tunnel, etc.)
     -  Grip strengthening
     -  Range of motion
     -  Motor function
     -  Muscular strength and endurance
     -  Functional activity/ADL

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