Thera-Band Mini Ballsadd variety and strength training to your exercising.
Body Sport Fusion Exercise Ball used in your exercise workout will help you get shape up.
Thera-Band Mini Balls
fitness accessories and home exercise fitness equipment to go with yourThera-Band Mini Ball.
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Thera-Band Mini Balls have a multitude of uses.   These mini exercise balls are strong, easy to grasp and easy to inflate (just blow in air through the inflation straw provided to the proper size - inflates from to 9").  Thera-Band Mini exercise balls are ideal for isometric exercises, leg work, a great aid for performing proper abdominals, many other exercises.   Thera-Band Mini Ball is designed for strengthening the bodys core muscles in the back and abdominals. Tectile, stretchy PVC makes the ball responsive to the touch and non-slip when placed against a hard surface. It is perfectly suited for users of all ages.

Features of the TheraBand Mini Ball:

9" diameter – easy to handle and appropriate for all ages
Tactile, stretchy PVC responsive to the touch and non-slip. Latex free
Soft and inflatable supports a range of exercises designed to increase core strength in back and abdominals
- Thera-Band Mini Ball
- Exercise Poster
- Inflation Tube
- Inflation Plug
Packaged for resale full color consumer packaging enhances provider sell-through
Training poster included comprehensive instructions and illustrations for exercises, by body target area
Small and lightweight portable, easily deflates to fit in a carry-on
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