Triad Pilates Balls & DVDs add variety and strength training to your exercising.
Triad Pilates Balls & DVDs for great pilates exercises that work!
Triad Pilates Balls & DVDs used in your exercise workout will help you get shape up.
Triad Pilates Balls
fitness accessories and home exercise fitness equipment to go with your Triad Pilates Balls & DVDs.
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Triad Pilates Balls are terrific!   This ball features a unique texture, size and material composition designed to help you build more core strength. The TRIADBALL can be customized to support your individual comfort level and ability. Purple - Approximately 24 cm. Inflation straw included.Developed by Pilates Master Teachers Michael Fritzke and Ton Voogt to help their clients experience Pilates exercises the way Joseph Pilates intended. The Triad ball helps you work through the muscles that need strengthening and release those that are working overtime.  You will find many more uses for them as well.  Use the Triad Pilates Balls for great pilates exercises that work!

·   Strong
·   Easy to grasp
·   Uses a small needle ball pump
·  Inflates  ~ 24cm 9" - 11"
·   Purple
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