Urethane Jelly Bells - a different kind of dumbbell.
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Buy your Urethane Jelly Bells NOW!

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Urethane Jelly Bells - a different kind of dumbbell
Urethane Jelly Bells - a different kind of dumbbell!  These weights have a translucent urethane coating and are  available in 6 color coded weight options. Jelly Bell Urethane Dumbbells have superior durability compared to neoprene and vinyl dumbbells. Jelly Bells are sleek and stylish as well as convenient, comfortable and colorful. Jelly Bells brighten and enhance group fitness.  Made of a highly durable urethane. Jelly Bells come in 2.5 lb. increments from 2.5 lb. to 15 lbs., and half sizes are color-coded for easy identification. Hampton Fitness Jelly Bells feature Gel Grip Handles, the most comfortable, ergonomic grip in free weights.

Come in Pairs
Red - 2.5 lbs.
Orange  5 lbs.
Yellow 7.5 lbs.
Green 10 lbs.
Blue 12.5 lbs.
Hampton  Urethane Jelly Bells are comfortable and ergonomic!
Urethane Jelly Bells
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BNB-JBR2   -  Red 2.5 lb. Jelly Bell Pair             $44.95
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BNB-JBR5   - Orange 5 lb. Jelly Bell Pair          $54.95
BNB-JBR7   - Yellow 7.5 lb. Jelly Bell Pair         $65.95
BNB-JBR5   - Purple 15 lb. Jelly Bell Pair         $104.95
BNB-JBR10   - Green 10  lb. Jelly Bell Pair        $76.95
BNB-JBR12   - Blue 12.5 lb. Jelly Bell Pair         $87.95
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